A good start in 2009!

Mercifully, we had a good start in 2009 despite the daily dose of bad news about the economy. We decided to focus on the vineyard and winery work to take our minds off the downward spiral of the stock market. We even got our own student intern from UCI, Anthony. Sweet kid! We immediately put together an “internship” program to suit his curiosity and eagerness to learn everything about wine making. Good wine starts in the vineyard. So his first lesson was pruning grape vines, between the showers in January. Second lesson: tying new vines to posts. Third lesson: bottling and labeling. Fourth lesson: wine racking. My Goodness! Thanks to Anthony’s willingness to learn and our desire to teach; we are catching up and doing really well. Geoff and Michael are happy to have an extra hand around the winery while I am busy preparing for this tax season.

With Geoff, Michael and Anthony’s help, the four of us were able to bottle another barrel of 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon. Well balanced, good color, nice aftertaste and pleasant aroma. Very approachable, as Michael would say, at a good price! Look for it at Albertson’s and our web store.


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