2013 Harvest Season is here!

As harvest at our estate vineyards begins, we are facing the harsh life of grape growers and winemakers, despite all the glamorous pictures of wines and vineyards that proliferate everywhere you look.

As the grapes are ripening, the grape growers are at the mercy of Mother Nature and the wild kingdom which are coming every which way to take their share of one of the most treasured God’s gifts to mankind. This year, in addition to the usual suspects, squirrels, rabbits, birds, bees and deer, the coyotes have developed quite an appetite for ripe grapes. The animals and flying creatures increase their attack as the harvest time comes near, as if they know that soon all this wonderful sweet and delicious fruits will be gone.

Now, more than ever, the year’s work is on the line. The whole year of work to grow the grapes is coming to an end as a year of work to turn grapes into wine begins.

Last Saturday was a perfect example. Our day began at dawn, 5 o’clock to be exact, in the vineyard picking Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah and ended at 11 at night in the winery fermenting the must. Well, we did take breaks for lunch and visit with Frank and Susie Belmont who stopped by offering a couple of foot-long Subway sandwiches – their timing was perfect – and another break for a planned dinner out to celebrate Anna’s birthday.

This is only the beginning of the harvest seasons. We will be at it until the end of the harvest season.


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